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8 Most extravagant features of a luxury car

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Luxury cars offer the finest details and extraordinary features that you won’t get in the normal cars. These cars go beyond your imagination in creating the most amazing experience for the riders. Here are the most extravagant features of a luxury car.

Bentley’s infotainment pack

You can get infotainment pack with Bentley’s add-on package. It has two iPads, two in-headset displays, a 12’’ drop down screen and 15GB of space to store your music and other things.

Mercedes’ champagne flutes

You have two options for the Mercedes S600 car which is available for rent from You can have the traditional rear seats, or have one of the rear seats being replaced by console hiding two fold-out table. There’s also a fridge and two silver-plated champagne flutes. These flutes have their own holders so that there is no spillage while you are on the road.

Porsche’s leather air vents

The leather air vents are add-on features of Porsche. These vents will make sure that you get enough cold or warm air while on the car. The air will not pass over plastic vents anymore.

BMW’s ‘gentleman function’

The BMW 7-Series models let the driver adjust the passenger seats electronically before the passengers arrive in the car. This is known as the Gentleman Function. The driver can adjust the legroom using easy to reach controls.

 Rolls Royce’s starlight roof

If you fancy a romantic evening, you should get into Rolls Royce. You can look up at the stars using its starlight roof. The inner roof liner of the car is customized with fiber optic lights so that the night sky is recreated.

Audi’s executive jump seat

Audi A8 offers executive jump seats. It has 42.9 inches of legroom. So, you can stretch your leg or your toddler can take a nap easily. These jump seats can massage and ventilate the people seating and give them total relaxation. They are also available in some select Lamborghini models, so make sure to ask for this the next time you book a Lambo in Los Angeles.

Mercedes S550 scent system

This model of Mercedes has a new fragrance system. These scents can be controlled electronically. You can re-fragrance your car and even set the strength and schedule it as well. There are four pots of scents made especially for the car.

Audi’s pop-up speakers

In the Audi A7, you have pop-up speakers. Most people are willing to spend on the in-car sound system and pop-up speakers are something extraordinary. It is a luxury feature of Audi A7.

All these luxury features show how you can enjoy luxury inside your car and while you drive. Of course, you need to pay a high price for these, but these experiences are really worth it.…